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Jack Clymer II

Jack Clymer is a Pisces. He is a dreamer, imaginative, quiet, and thoughtful man. He has been a part of a lively group of men and women of different ages who get together, does skits, have fun, and drink wine. They provided him with a stage to get over his shyness. Jack learned that it was okay to be a fool, to be laughed at and with. They called their group “The Ship of Fools.” Once a year, they all would get together at someone’s house; each year, it was a different port. Morocco, Paris, New York. The group would dress accordingly, and the potluck dinner would represent where the ship was docked. After dinner, the group would perform any kind of entertainment. You could dance, sing, read a poem or do a silly skit. Something short and sweet. This is what has brought Jack to write, he has written a couple of books including one of the best detective fiction crime mystery books for adults and children’s story; he enjoys writing a lot.