Jack Clymer II

  • Retired Asphalt Engineer Associate
  • Author

Author Jack Clymer was born in Orlando, Florida. He has been to the famous Hawaiian Islands, including, The Big Island, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, and Maui. These Islands are his favorite because of the Hawaiian Culture and its people. Jack believes life is more relaxed there, as it should be. There’s plenty to see, employment is good, and you can scuba dive, lay by the pool or beach, read and cook fresh fish. It’s a true paradise. This has brought Jack to write young adult thriller books and he enjoys it a lot.

Jack Clymer has published one of the best crime thriller books for young adults which is also his first crime book, “The Honolulu Man.” This book is dark but with a sense of levity. In addition, 25 years ago, he wrote a children’s story, Frankie the Field Mouse, for his two boys when they were 5 and 7 years old. Jack also wrote songs, but they remain in a diary. A reminder of days past.


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The Honolulu Man


Good Guys vs. Bad guys. A female lead detective. A handsome fashion designer who plays the criminal. A plot that gets more exciting as the pages turn. This isn’t Hawaii 5-0. It’s a truer depiction of police work on the islands.